Dr Helena Liebenberg

Helena has a BA in Afrikaans & Nederlands/Sociology (Unisa, 1971), BA Hons Afrikaans & Nederlands (Unisa, 1973), MA Afrikaans Linguistics (Unisa, 1975), BA Hons Linguistics (Unisa, 1980) and D.Litt. et Phil. Afrikaans Linguistics (Unisa, 1993). She is also the author and co-author of academic publications and anthologies of verse, as well as a qualified language practitioner (translator and editor) and member of the TANAP and TEPC transcription projects.

Dr Antonia Malan

Antonia has a BA (Hons) in Archaeology (UCT 1976), PhD (UCT 1993) and is a professional archaeologist (ASAPA) and heritage practitioner (AHAP: W.Cape, ASAPA CRM). She is a research Associate (Historical Archaeology Research Group) Department of Archaeology, UCT and co-researcher of the NRF-funded project, Department of Historical Studies, UCT. Antonia was also the project manager for the Dutch funded TEPC project.

Dr Fanie Marais

Fanie has a BA in History/Psychology (Unisa,1966), BA Hons (Unisa,1968), MA Industrial Psychology (Unisa,1972) and PhD Information Technology (UCT,1981). He is the founder and Executive Chairman of Cordis Trust (Charity and the promotion of cultural activities), registered as IT175/00 with audited results. He has extensive international management experience and is a fellow of the Institute of Directors.

Mrs Maureen Rall

Maureen Rall has a BA Library Science. She is a published author (including Peaceable Warrior: The Life and Times of Sol T. Plaatje, 2003) and professional freelance archives researcher. Maureen was a member of TEPC Project transcription team. She has translated 18th century Dutch and English for the Nationaal Archief West Indies Transcription Project and transcribed Vrylieden lists and Daghregisters from Nationaal Archief (The Hague) for THT.

Mrs Marianne Timmerman de Kroon

Marianne Timmerman de Kroon is a genealogist (Dutch Ancestors), trainer in Dutch language and culture and quality analyst (Shell Global Customer Service Centre), cataloguer of 17th & 18th century documents (TEPC Project), water policy advisor and ward administrator (Dutch provincial government). Currently based in Groningen, the Netherlands, and involved in inter-national genealogical and archival research projects.